Fresh Powder

Fresh Powder

Guaranteed Protection!

Extra wetness protection

For High Perspiration Skin

Presentation: 60g


This Fresh Powder presentation is suitable for people that sweat excessively,  as this formula allows the adsorption of body sweat that consequently helps to avoid bodily odors.

  • Do not stain
  • Fights odors
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Provides total skin care and prevents irritation
  • The only hypoallergenic deodorants in the market
  • Low concentration of fragrance that does not compete with users' perfume/cologne


Our formulas have Antiperspirant and Deodorizing effects, offering protection against perspiration and odors throughout your day so you can enjoy your day worry-free. We also have active ingredients that provide added protection to the skin, which are:

Aluminum chlorhydroxide:

Antiperspirant agent which reduces the rate of excessive sweating. This substance has a pH of 4 possesses astringent properties, so it does not cause skin irritation or fabric damage.

Aluminum salts acting obstacles to the end of the sweat ducts, so as to reduce the amount of sweat that reaches the skin.

Triclosan (Irgasan):

Is the antibacterial agent. This substance reduces and prevents the smell of sweat to inhibit the enzyme systems of bacteria, thus preventing these enzymatic systems from decomposing organic material that causes odor.

Benzalkonium chloride:

This is an antimicrobial agent for impurities, that stop the growth of the bacterial flora responsible for breaking down the organic matter that generates odor.


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