Refreshing Talc 80g

Refreshing Talc 80g



Dioxogen Med Refreshing Talc provides antibacterial deodorant properties which decrease the occurrence of odors of bacterial origin while cooling and protecting the skin, to keep it dry.


This deodorant talc contains Triclosan, which helps fight bacteria responsible for producing the odor. Furthermore, the combination of ingredients absorb excess sweat, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

  • Decreases and delays the onset of body odor caused by bacteria
  • It keeps the skin cool and dry
  • Prevents sweating and smelly feet and armpits
  • Prevents rashes caused by heat
  • Leaves a refreshing feeling after use, especially when applied after bathing


Triclosan (Irgasan)

It is an antibacterial agent. This substance acts a an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient which interrupts the bacteria's metabolism and therefore eliminates microorganisms on the skin. 


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