Antiseptic Solution 125cm3

Antiseptic Solution 125cm3


Dioxogen Med Antiseptic solutions are ideal for wound cleansing, after shaving and for multiple uses around the home, as they are specially formulated with high quality ingredients that have disinfectant properties that inhibit bacterial growth and provide prolonged protection. Dioxogen Med is the complete hypoallergenic line with antibacterial properties that keep the skin free of germs, providing total protection. 


This product has the advantage of having immediate effects with low doses, within a wider range of action in comparison to other disinfectants. Additionally, it is highly biodegradable given that its principle ingredients are water and oxygen.

  • Multiple Uses
  • Prolonged protection
  • Inhibits bacterial growth


  • Mouthwash: A teaspoon of Dioxogen solution in a quarter cup of water to keep your breath fresh.
  • Rinse for the skin and after shave: One teaspoon of Dioxogen solution diluted in eight teaspoons of water. To prevent acne infections or those caused by a razor or shaver.
  • Removing fruit and juice stains on fabrics. They can be removed by passing the garment though warm water to remove the sugar. Let it soak for a while, then rub fabric with a cotton ball infused with a few drops of solution Dioxogen.
  • Removing stains and odors on clothing: Reducing the presence of bacteria that cause bad odors.


Our antibacterial solution is Hydrogen Peroxide-based, which is an excellent ingredient for removing all types of microorganisms such as: bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Its use is recommended to disinfect any wound, especially those in hidden or deep areas where anaerobic germs survive. It is also recommended to use on dirty wounds or ones with excrements, since it is capable of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms that are found on both the skin and mouth.


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