Which Dioxogen are you?

In the next section, you will find that Dioxogen is best for you:



Sensitive Skin:

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For Sensitive Skin: ALOE VERA

Aloe Vera Extract has been included in its formulation, promoting skin regeneration and helping to refresh and moisturize the skin. This formula is indicated for people with sensitive, irritated or recently shaved skin.


Wetness Protection:

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For Extra Wetness Protection: TALC

The Talc presentation is suitable for people with excessive sweat, as this formula allows the adsorption of body sweat and therefore, helps prevent bad odors.

All Skin Types:

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For All Skin Types: ORIGINAL

The Original presentation offers protection for people with normal sweating levels, offering a combination qualities that  provide against sweat and bacterial odor.


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For Strong Odors: BAKING SODA

This formula is enriched with sodium bicarbonate, and indicated for people with strong body odor caused by excessive sweating; this ingredient neutralizes odors by complexation with organic materials that nourish bacteria.

Dioxogen Med Refreshing Talc

For all skin types: hypoallergenic refreshing Talc

This deodorant powder contains Triclosan, which helps fight bacteria responsible for producing bad body odors. Moreover, the combination of ingredients adsorb excess sweat, leaving your skin with a fresh feeling.

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Dioxogen Med Soaps

For all skin types: Liquid and Bar Antibacterial Soap

Both the liquid and bar versions of Dioxogen Med Soaps are specially formulated hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested through clinical trials which prove that the mixture of the ingredients are safe on skin and of high quality. These products offer effective protection against bacteria without causing any allergic reactions, and at the same time, preserving the skin's natural hydration.

This is accomplished by mixing raw materials that provide creaminess and Triclosan, which acts as a soap detergent and active ingredient that provides the antibacterial feature of the soaps. Tricloson helps eliminate germs from the skin without having to repeatedly apply soap which also prevents the removal of lipids, that would otherwise cause dry skin or skin disorders. These formulas have a pH similar to that of normal skin. The major reason being, that this product is recommended for people with dry, sensitive and irritated skin, even though it can equally be used by people of any skin type.

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Dioxogen Med Antiseptic Solution

To prevent infection: Antibacterial Solution

Our antibacterial solution is Hydrogen Peroxide-based, which is an excellent ingredient for removing all types of microorganisms such as: bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Its use is recommended to disinfect any wounds, especially in hidden or deep areas where anaerobic germs survive. It is also recommended to use on dirty wounds or ones with excrements, since it is capable of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms that are found on both the skin and mouth.

This product has the advantage of having immediate effects with low doses within a wider range of action in comparison to other disinfectants. Additionally, it is highly biodegradable given that its principle ingredients are water and oxygen.

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