Research & Development

Our research and development department work to be at the forefront of skin care and offer products that use effective skin actives and ingredients. Simultaneously, their technological know-how facilitates the investigations that have led to develop stable, safe, sensorial, attractive and premium quality products that adapt to the cosmetics consumers needs. Moreover, Dioxogen® products provide comfort and wellbeing for their consumers with the intention of improving and innovating within the global market.

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals specialized in Cometology Science and Technology conforms this department, which is capable of completing the design of a product from its beginnings, fullfilling the following steps:

1. Conceptualization
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This initial phase is where the idea fuses with creative brainstorming to define the product that will be developed, resulting in a crucial step for the research analyst to carry out the fulfillment of the initial expectations and desires.

2. Formulation
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This second phase consists of testing various formulas by trial and error, checking that the combination of ingredients are in the proper ratio and ensuring the desired product characteristics. Both appearance and aroma are also of importance, seeking to find that which the consumer most identifies with.

3. Trials & Tests
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  • Special tests: are carried out to assess and ensure the safety of the products' properties, such as: hypoallergenic, eye safety and / or sun protection.
  • Assessment of public acceptance: are performed through test product use, in order to assess consumers opinions and make the necessary adjustments to meet the needs of the target market.
4. Development
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In this stage, various departments come together to help define the product presentation, which includes: packaging, labeling, obtaining the necessary health permits and pilot batches to assess reproducibility.

5. Product Launch
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Is the final stage where users can obtain the products on the shelf, and can enjoy the skin care benefits that they offer.

Over a 40 year period and with great responsibility, Dioxogen® continues to develop products that suits the needs of consumers who represent the brand in the Venezuelan market. We invite everyone to try the different products which are sure to provide the optimal skin care and complete customer satisfaction.