Dioxogen® is a locally produced brand with a long trajectory in the Venezuelan market. Its origins date back to 1927 when Ponce & Benzo obtained the exclusice representation of the brand in that country, and began selling Dioxogen antibacterial solution which was the star product of the American company The Oakland Chemical Co. Inc. NY. 

This antibacterial solution began commercializing in the United States in 1881. In the beginning, it was marketed under its generic chemical name, hydrogen peroxide. It was later in the year 1921 that they implemented the brand name Dioxogen®, after an arduous legal work since this  new name did not directly describe what the product contained.

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From the start, this product was sold as the "cure-for-all", thanks to its disinfectant properties (even as a mouthwash). It's no wonder that our grandparents remember it today as the panacea product of their times, because of its many uses and benefits. Eventually, its use would mainly focus on its antimicrobial and antiseptic action against germs.

After numerous changes, product segmentation and inclusions to the brand, today Dioxogen®  distinguishes itself for being the first and only hypoallergenic line of consumer products for daily skin care for the whole family, consisting of deodorants and cosmetic soaps. While Dioxogen Med®, is positioned as the complete hypoallergenic line that keeps your skin free of germs and consists of antiseptic solutions, antibacterial soaps, talcs and antibacterial gel.



1927 - 1953 - 1984 - 1989 - 1997 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013



Ponce & Benzo C. A. obtains the representation of the Dioxogen® brand and starts selling Dioxogen Antibacterial Solution, which was the star product of the American company: The Oakland Chemical Co. Inc. NY.


The Dioxogen® brand is acquired by Ponce and Benzo, CA, and from that moment, the Antibacterial Solution is produced in Venezuela.


Dioxogen® Roll-On Original deodorant is introduced; a high quality product with long trajectory in the Venezuelan market thanks to the support of millions of satisfied customers.


The Dioxogen® brand, always seeking to innovate to offer variety of products, introduces the market Dioxogen Med Antibacterial Soap and Dioxogen Med Refreshing Talc.

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Joining the Original Dioxogen roll-on deodorant, are the Aloe Vera, Fresh Powder (1996) and Baking Soda (1997) roll-on presentations, to provide specialized formulas that continue to satisfy the different consumer needs today; Dioxogen® also offers two new applicatorsdeodorant cream and deodorant bar.


Big changes come for  Dioxogen® with segmentation of its lines. Dioxogen® is positioned as the first and only hypoallergenic consumer products line for daily skin care of the family, conformed by deodorants. A second brand called Dioxogen Med® is created, which includes antibacterial products and is defined as the complete hypoallergenic line that keeps skin germ free. The image of the products for these brands are refreshed this year, given that it was the ideal moment to do so. 

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Since the segmentation of brands, Dioxogen® launches its liquid soaps in the market, in the five versions: Cotton, Aloe Vera, Extra Protection, Green tea, Red grape, soy and wheat to give strength to its positioning as the complete hypoallergenic line for daily care of the skin.


A new family member of the Dioxogen® deodorant line is born: the Aerosol deodorants are launched in the four versions (Original, Aloe Vera, Baking Soda, Refreshing Talc). This new product responds to the new market trends in deodorant applicators.


The antibacterial Dioxogen Med® line grows, thanks to the inclusion in its portfolio of the Antibacterial Gel with Vitamin E micro capsules.

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Dioxogen® launches to the first and only hypoallergenic Shaving Creams in two versions: for all types of skin and for sensitive skin, aiming to cater the different market needs.


Dioxogen®, as part of its innovation process to meet new market trends, presents the new image of their deodorants in all its versions and applicators: roll on, aerosol and cream. 


Your Dioxogen® brand will continue to grow through the incorporation of new products and of updated presentations. Stay on the lookout!

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