According to the FDAhypoallergenic cosmetics are products are indicated to produce fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic products, according to their manufacturers. 

Dioxogen® is hypoallergenic

Dioxogen® strives to offer products with minimal risk of causing an allergic reactions. Each product developed has been formulated with active ingredients that are safe and secure so as to ensure the skin's integrity. Additionally, all of their products avoid the inclusion of sensitizing ingredients that may be responsible for triggering allergic reactions (such as fragrances, dyes, alcohol, etc.), or by adding low percentages of these in order to ensure that they are harmless to the skin.

To verify Dioxogen® products are hypoallergenic, determatologists have conducted skin sensitivity tests to several volunteers. They monitored each patient volunteer, describing their evolution when using or applying the product in detail, and determining that in effect, the products did not trigger any allergic reaction during or after the end of the trial.